The latest corporate law to tackle UK tax evasion: how an individuals’ actions can now leave your business in unlimited debt. Tax avoidance and evasion has been increasingly problematic in the UK, and remains a political ‘hot topic’ which has yet to be fully addressed by the Government. As of 30th September 2017, a new law will be implemented as a direct result of the growing, high-profile tax scandals in the UK. This guide will offer further information on the new law, the process it follows and what this could mean for companies using temporary labour providers.

In May 2018, the UK will experience the most drastic change to how personal data is collected, stored and distributed amongst businesses in the UK and EU. The need to protect personal data has been a major priority under UK governments for decades, specifically underlined by the adoption of the Data Protection Act 1998, the UK law that currently governs how data is looked after by both private and public organisations.

Every year in September, Passionate about People Ltd celebrate the previous years' success with a Group-wide presentation held at Hatherley Manor Hotel, Gloucester. In addition to the presentation, Passionate About People also host the 'Steve Fulwell Employee of the Year Awards',  in honor of Steve, a Group employee who sadly passed away suddenly in his home in 2010.

In today’s competitive labour market, candidates now have the power. The war for talent is more prominent than ever before amongst businesses in the UK, and many are struggling to attract the right candidates.

Following this, it’s becoming increasingly important for UK organisations to build a robust and effective candidate attraction strategy.

By 2025, they will make up 75% of the global workforce, but what are Millennials? How are they best communicated with? How do you recruit them? In this CIPD approved presentation, Rachel Harber, Operations & HR Director at Omega Resource Group, reveals the key aspects to attracting and retaining Millennials in the digital age.

This PowerPoint presentation was originally presented as a semiar at a major business event in Gloucestershire.

Absenteeism in the UK is a significant issue within the workplace, especially in high volume operations where downtime can have major consequences. Large organisations often underestimate the importance of addressing this issue. Mark Norton, Operations Manager at Omega Resource Group, shares his thoughts on proactively reducing downtime within high volume environments, listing his 7 most important factors to consider…

Passionate About People's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms the backbone of our organisation and reflects our business. CSR is integral to our systems, is based on sound leadership of the business, respecting people’s human rights and looking after the people who work for us, our customers, our local community and the environment.